The $700 million man for the LA Dodgers Shohei Ohtani’s extremely strange, X-rated celebration makes him go viral

Los Angeles Dodgers star Shohei Ohtani set the internet ablaze with what was called a ‘bizarre celebration’ against the Philadelphia Phillies on Wednesday.

Mere minutes into the first inning, the $700million man raised eyebrows after sliding on the dirt and stealing a base on top of the first inning.

After stealing the second base with two outs, Ohtani popped up, removed his left batting glove and began shaking it repeatedly near his groin area.

ESPN’s broadcast did not make any comments about the gesture and left it out of the replay. However, fans were quick to pull the clip and share their thoughts on social media.

‘Someone needs to tell Ohtani that [Bryson] Stott is a happily married man,’ one user wrote, referring to the Phillies’ second baseman.

Shohei Ohtani went viral for a bizarre celebration after stealing a base against the Phillies

‘He must’ve lost a bet,’ another added, while a third suggested ‘he won’t get fined.’

‘It’s good baseball etiquette to blast all over the catcher you just ran on,’ a fourth commented.

While many turned to lewd implementations over the celebration, other users pointed out how the Japanese star was shaking dirt out of his glove.

‘Genuinely confused as to whether you think he was doing something crazy or just trolling,’ wrote one user. ‘He was shaking dirt out of his glove from the slide.’

‘Shake that dirt out that glove, Ohtani,’ another echoed with a bicep flex emoji.

In his next turn on the plate, Ohtani delivered a game-tying RBI single to center, going 2-for-2 for the evening.

After stealing the second base, Ohtani proceeded to shake dirt off his left batting glove

Fans were quick to take the clip and express their thoughts on the celebration on social media

Ohtani is batting .318 with 28 home runs, 66 RBI, 22 stolen bases, a 1.039 OPS, and a 5.2 WAR

The two-time AL MVP quickly established himself as a NL MVP candidate this year, proving worthy of the lucrative 10-year, $700m contract he inked with the Dodgers in December.

After moving from the Angels in Orange County, Ohtani is now batting .318 with 28 home runs, 66 RBI, 22 stolen bases, a 1.039 OPS, and a 5.2 WAR so far this season.

The Dodgers held a 55-37 record ahead of the game.

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