The Love Island star talks about her unexpected night out with Kylie Jenner.

Love Island star Ella Thomas has revealed that she had a surprise night out with Kylie Jenner.

Ella appeared on the 10th series of the ITV reality show last year, coupling up with Tyrique Hyde during her stint in the villa. They eventually finished in third place, before reportedly breaking up in February this year.

Love Island star recalls surprise night out with Kylie Jenner

Though the Islanders regularly engage in some partying in the villa, they don’t often get to meet superstars, but Ella revealed on the Saving Grace podcast that she met Jenner whilst at a party, with the pair subsequently enjoying shots together.

“I work with Kylie Cosmetics a lot, and they invited me to go to LA because Kylie was launching her new perfume Cosmic,” began Ella. “They took me and just one other girl from the UK to LA. It was fun [and] a little vibe. We went to the launch party, you know Kylie personally invited us.

Love Island star Ella Thomas' shock A-lister friendship as they party in LA  together - OK! Magazine

“She personally chose every single person, the team were like told all the girls that they work with, choose who you want to come. Kris [Jenner] was doing her thing, Kylie came on in with her friends and she was so lovely. She walked in, she said hi to everyone. She was so nice.

“We spoke to her, I mean all the girls wanted to speak to her, but we spoke to her and she was so much fun. All of her friends were shouting at me ‘shut it down, shut it down’, I was like no way!” she added, referencing the iconic line from the show where Ella told Tyrique to stay away from his ex, Ella Barnes.

Love Island star Ella Thomas' shock A-lister friendship as they party in LA  together - OK! Magazine

“She [Kylie] didn’t say ‘shut it down’, her friends did. They were like ‘oh my gosh Ella shut it down.’ I don’t know if she watched it herself, but she was like thanks for coming, she was like ‘let’s do shots, let’s do shots’.”

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